Playing friends in Pandora

Hi there! I’ve just started playing Faeria and just want to say I love it so far!

I think it’d be AWESOME to be able to play specific friends in Pandora. Or is this already possible? I think this would be a great option for those of us who aren’t into the whole super competitive online ranking thing. It’d be a real draw card for me and my friends and if this isn’t something we can do we’re probably gonna go elsewhere :frowning: We’re in this game to connect as friends, not play internet randoms (sorry to all the internet randoms who are reading this!!) :wink:

What do you think?

It’s a good idea but not possible. Pandora isn’t less popular than constructed actually so I don’t think that will change, unfortunately. You can add people you played in pandora and make some new friends too. Or spectate your friends and play together that way I guess.

Not an option, the best you can try for now I guess is to queue at the same time, preferably at hours when there are few people, and with similar numbers of win and loss in your current runs.

(I may be wrong, but I don’t think trying to influence matching is against the rules, especially if you do it for fun and not for profit).

Thanks for the replies folks!

xploring, I guess what I’m really asking is - Why is playing friends in Pandora not possible? Hehe I’m not suprised that Pandora is popular! A drafting system puts everyone on the same playing field (more or less) and adds that creative element every run. This is EXACTLY why playing your friends in Pandora should be an option.

What really brings a lot of these card games down imo is the pay to win factor, or even just simply the “my friend has x cards more than me so his decks are gonna win most of the time”. Doesn’t anyone else think this is lame!?!?!

Whereas, if you can play friends in Pandora, you get a creative, semi-balanced experience with your friends!!! :slight_smile:The mechanics are there, all they need to do is allow Pandora Party mode.

Just putting it out there, but I’d pay $20 for a game that lets me play draft mode against friends! I thought Faeria was going to be different on this front, but alas, this doesn’t seem to be something they are interested in allowing??

So am I just a dinosaur, or doesn’t anyone else want to play Pandora against people they actually know? :wink: Or is this what people expect from games these days?

Thanks 4xel for the advice — so what you’re saying is, you can intentionally fix matches by logging on at the same time in low traffic time with similar stats etc. to get an artificially higher score in ranking ---- But you can’t intentionally have a balanced, competitive match against friends? :wink:

I’m being facetious of course, but I just can’t believe this is what the online gaming scene has become.

In the old days, I had friends over to play LAN games and it was super fun, super social etc.

10 years ago, you could play online games against real humans and chat with them as you play etc.

Flash forward. Now you’re communication is limited to like 5 things you’re Hero says (because online ppl are mean and we don’t want to hurt ppl’s feelings) and you literally CAN’T play against your friends in the most interesting game mode. So now your opponents now are basically smarter NPCs and you lose the whole social aspect of playing strategy against your friends. I don’t know if I’m just being cynical, but when I ask myself why this is the case, I wonder if it’s because the company makes more money if ppl are sucked into a competitive, impersonal tournament ranking system?

C’mon Faeria, - you’re not going to suck me into paying real money to maintain my ranking - but I will pay real money to actually play your game how it should be able to be played if I have to!

What do you guys think?

The main complaints are rng and how some treasures are extremely overpowered. Many games are decided by who draw/draft the best treasures so players feel games are not skill-dependent and a bit out of their control. Pandora games are also significantly longer than constructed so it can get pretty boring in green mirror slugfest, which is not uncommon, green being the strongest/popular colour in pandora.

I wouldn’t hold out for change. Abrakam is very small and players have been waiting for ages for even small change requests like more deck slots. They should be working on the next expansion and mobile release (1 year and waiting), so that’s the main focus in the near future.

Ok this is good to know. Thanks xploring for your thoughtful response! I guess even if Pandora can be unbalanced, it’s hard to imagine it could be more deterministic and imbalanced than constructed hehe.

I guess the ideal digital CCG is still a bit of a wishful dream at this point.