Please clarify things about the Summer Goodies for me

Hello guys,

For three-four months I couldn’t play or pay attention to Faeria, because I’ve managed to got a good job that I do while attending to college as well. So I’ve seen this Adventure Pack release, and the reveals, but don’t really understand what to expect.

I saw that there are different bundles to purchase, does that mean that the new content (co-op campaign, new cards) will only be obtainable if you pay money for them? Or buying the Pioneer/Collerctor bundles lets you play them sooner? I’m somewhat lost in this, so please clarify if you have some time. :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance

This post clarifies a lot of questions in general about the pouch. I’ve highlighted a few that might be useful to you

Lastly you cannot get a refund for your order so keep that in mind when you are thinking of buying it.

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This page has all the information you need to know :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much for your replies.

One more question, is there some clue about how much will the Adventure cost in Gold? I may buy one of the Pouches, since I want to support the devs with everything I can afford, but I get money around 10th of May, so I’m worried I get out of time. That’s why I was wondering if I should start collecting Gold for the Adventure.

I believe it says somewhere on the information page I linked that it will be possible to buy any pouch from the store after release. In one of their Faeria Friday announcements the devs also said that 9 May is the day when the Pre-order Ends. The release itself will be sometime in the summer, but no exact date yet.

So, unless you are super-interested in the pre-order bonuses, it might be better to just wait until release and buy it then. :slight_smile:

Also, the full price of the Pioneer Pouch is £9.99. Just look at the prices in the store and do your conversions I doubt it would cost any more than that.

Yeah, I saw all of those, I was just wondering if they’ve hinted, or told how much will the Adventure cost in in-game-gold. Probably gonna buy the Pioneer Pouch if everything falls though.