Please Develop Away from "Rush" Decks

EDIT: A lot of wonderful feedback has been provided, and a lot of things have changed, since I first made this post. Due to this, my stance has largely changed, so please take this post and its responses with a gain of salt.

When I first began playing Faeria in open testing I fell in love with the pace of the game. Even when I would play against aggresive decks they were fun to counter and I could see the risk they had to take to do it. Over time, be it with balance changes or maybe people just getting better at the game, “Rush” decks became faster and faster.

This is simply the worst part of Faeria in my experience, it is wearing on me, and these other topics prove that I am not the only one who feels this way:

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I think it is important to point out how many topics have been made about countering rush decks. Granted playing against rush decks is more difficult for new players, but I would argue it is not fun to play against even when you (think you) know what you are doing.

How to Deal with Yellow Rush [Guide] How to deal with yellow rush - a detailed guide (with pictures!)
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Heck, even one of the main topics posted by the marketing manager is about dealing with rush Defending Against Rush for Beginners

To be clear, I do not mind aggro decks, but franky the type of Rush decks I am seeing now (especially Yellow) is simply too fast and no fun to play against.

You will probably have more experience then me in playing the game, but I think the Rush in Faeria is way more manageable then in other games. But often the right defensive strategies are not so easy to spot and the right moment to counterattack gets easily missed.
Because of this the first Posts here are about to learn to play against it - It’s just much more difficult to learn how to defend against these decks then others, but also rewarding =)
And there are actually alot of list which have a heavily favored matchup against yellow rush imho.

Yellow and red rush were already nerfed a month ago. They’re not that hard to deal with now. Especially the Zealous Crusader and Dune Drake nerfs made yellow rush significantly less annoying to play against.

I appreciate the replies folks, thanks. I have been doing a little reflection, and while I am still not a fan of the kind of Rush I have encountered in this game I am becoming more aware that the style of deck I like to play is not very good against Rush.

To improve my experience, I aim to do two things:

  1. Build an anti-Rush deck. This will give me the tools to deal with them better, and have a better understanding of how to deal with them going forward.

  2. Play a few Rush decks. Know thy enemy, right? If I play Rush I will discover how others defend themselves against them, as well as gain better insight into their weaknesses.

So again, while I really hope Rush does not get out of hand, I recognize that I still have a lot to learn to combat Rush. If anyone has any recommendations, please shoot them my way.

I just want to throw in my two cents. Imho this is like saying late game decks are too strong. But thats the point of late game decks to survive the early game and then overwhelm the opponent in the late game.
And rush decks are the reverse thing strong in early game but falling off quickly as the game progresses.

In heartstone it was the same thing players couldnt handle specific decks until they learned how to play against it. I think it’s part of the learning curve, not an issue of the game design.

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Hi, Robobert. I just can play with you with Rush or anti-Rush. :slight_smile:
Unfortunately my cardpool is small so i cant offer test Khalim etc.

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You are correct. My experience with early game (Rush) decks have simply been less desirable as of late. But as I stated, I think this means I have more to learn about dealing with Rush in Faeria.

Thanks MaxisZ, if you see me online feel free to send a challenge.

Defending rush in Faeria is all about reigning in any tendency to be greedy and getting your key lands down.
In my experience rush hasn’t been very scary since alter of souls gives two cost shadows and angry red was nerfed.

Don’t take your centre tiles. Take your other 4 defensive ones. And try to get a creature down. Preventing good land placement is always more important than collecting with your initial creature. Its only purpose is to blunt that first assault.

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In the days since I made this post, I have seen only two Rush decks… what happened?

rush isn’t actually that strong. Thats what happened. The game had an explosions of players. Smorc is easy to build and straightforward to play and every CCG player knows it is good on the ladder because game times are faster and literally every game has rush so everyone has a basic idea of how to play it and feels comfortable trying to play rush.

Against people who don’t know what they are doing rush is strong. Or against people who are missing the key tech cards to make certain archtypes more resistant to rush.

A few days go by and all of you noobs have an idea on how to handle rush and you’ve all seen what some of the actual strong decks are now.

New players hating rush because its “OP” and also playing it en masse and then realizing that rush isn’t actually that strong and moving on is a pretty common trend in this genre of game :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry if a lot of this sounds tongue in cheek but that’s quite literally what happened.

EDIT: On another note if you look at the time the threads you used to support your thread were posted you’ll see that its across the last 6 months. Several metas have passed since then most of those posts :slight_smile:

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