Please don't drop ranks on players who lose because of unfair matchups

I’m a new player, rank 18, and my last 3 matchups have all been against rank 11-13 players, all of which I have lost.

If the game’s playerbase is too small to support fair matches, fine. But if that’s the case, why do I get knocked down the ladder? It’s going to be impossible for me to reach 15 at this rate.

Yes I know I get a bonus if I win. That doesn’t matter if I don’t. Or if the difference is 4 levels (which is still a lot.)

If the match is lop-sided in terms of rank, please don’t penalize the guy who was not able to be matched fairly.

Thank you.

Your frustation is understandable, but your solution doesn’t work. They are very beatable, and in your system you’d have too much reason to just surrender after 2 minutes if you don’t get an epic combo or start, as opposed to giving the match your best to get the high reward.

I worked my way up beating a lot of people higher rank than myself, and have found that an expensive deck is in no way a requirement to do so. Just play and keep improving, and you’ll leave 15 in the dust quickly enough.

You might feel frustration if you face someone that you can’t beat because of a big gap in level, like a top God for example. That would be understandable. However, there is not that much difference between rank 11-13 and 18. If you get to rank 15 like you want, you’d be in the same league as they are, which means that you’d have around the same level.

So, why do you think you can’t beat them ? Conversely, if you really can’t beat them half the time, then you may simply not have the level to be rank 15 yet. Use these encounters as a chance to improve your skills, and you’ll get to rank 15 in no time. Not to mention that if you do win, you get a bonus. The ladder grinding is already extremely generous.

I always try, and I do sometimes beat them. But people who are at level 11 and 12 have played a lot more than I have – I’m only a week or so into the game.

If they can’t match me against someone close to my level, I’d rather just sit in the queue.

Maybe I don’t have what it takes to be level 15 yet. That’s why I should be playing other people who aren’t 15 yet, right? :slight_smile:

It’s not a deal-breaker for me or anything. It just feels like “punishment” because I happen to live in the US while it seems most players of this game are in Europe. It’s bad enough to have to sit in the queue forever without then having to play someone with much more experience.

I have found that playing against higher-ranked players actually gives me extremely valuable experience with learning new strategies in the game at a much more expedited pace. I like playing against people who are better than me because it gives me a bigger and better challenge, while also teaching me much more about the game then I would learn if I was playing against someone at the same level.

Additionally, having a higher rank only refers to a relative figure of the amount of skill a player has. No matter who you are facing, all players in Faeria have the same opportunity to obtain the same cards as everyone else. Therefore, even if a player does have more experience then you, the only advantage that they have against you is their skill, as everyone still has the exact same opportunity to obtain the same cards as their opponent.

I do understand your frustation, and as the playerbase grows, the issue should begin to dissipate. However, I do believe that the more you play, the more games you will begin to win because of your gradually expanding experience.

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