Please fill out our Survey here!

From the article:

We want to know what you think about the current state of Faeria.

Of course, we continuously read the feedback you already give us on our Discord channel, Forums, Reddit, and Steam, but we’ve put together a specific set of questions we’d like as many players as possible to answer for us.

As reward for your time, you can receive in-game gold for filling out the survey. (The reward is now inactive) Please help us improve Faeria by taking the time to share your thoughts with us.

Thank you!

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It seems like some of my friends received bonus code already and I’m not -____- (I checked spam folder).

Day later: OK it’s arrived! Tnx!


Should probably update when the survey closes - I got to the end and was like closes 13th of June >.<

I did it anyway so have a survey lol.

We’ve extended the survey past the original ‘reward’ deadline, meaning you can still fill it out, but we won’t be providing rewards.

We don’t see a reason to close off information from those who continue to desire to provide it, including you. Thank you! :rubyfish:

Hey, oh yes I am all for keeping it open the more the better :3

I just meant remove update this: