Please fix the background mouse-over bug!

Even when relegated to the background… where I have to put it because I wait so long for matches… Faeria buttons make sounds whenever I mouse over their area on another window. Same happens if I need to do something else between matches.

This is flatly incorrect program behavior. It’s extremely annoying. And it’s been like this for a long time.

It is in your best interests to fix this ASAP. I have other games that I leave running in the background and then play occasionally when I have time and feel like it. I do not do this with Faeria because of this bug, I close the game, and then I am less likely to play it at all.

Thank you.

I agree ^^ But you seem to be a little too much angry for a new post concerning that bug (it has already been reported long time ago). Better keeping calm ^^
Let’s hope this bug will be fixed :slight_smile:

:laughing: Meh… I don’t want to see my universe blown up ! Please fix that bug, dear Faeria Team ^^

You could play the game in the windowed mode, and then minimize the window. Then it won’t make any unwanted sounds. You can use alt+enter to switch between fullscreen and windowed.

Nice tip ^^ thank you very much :rubyfish: