Please give us the option to auto-mute opponents during the last 20 seconds of our turns

Some players are spamming emotes to distract their opponent during critical moments, at the end of turns when time is low. This has happened to me at least 5 times, and did cause me to make a fatal mistake and lose one game.

Imagine a chess player yelling ‘HELLO!’ at an opponent whose clock is runing low. Okay, funny the first time.

I think it would be good if we had the option of auto-muting opponents on the last 20-30 seconds of our turns.
It is panic-inducing enough to have the timer thumping down at these moments.

Alternatively, the feature could be that opponents can still submit emotes during this time, but they are only revealed once your turn has ended. It’s only a few seconds later, so I don’t think that much would be lost in terms of communication.

I don’t believe manual-muting is enough of a solution to this – it is finnicky if you’re doing it often and would result in missing out on genuine emotes from friendly opponents. Trying to mute a toxic player after the fact is already to late, when you are down to the last 20 seconds on an important turn every second counts, and going to the top of the screen to mute only adds to the distraction.

I like emotes, in fact I think they should be extended so that they get more proper use, but for the short time in which this toxic tactic is viable, players should be protected from those that abuse the system.

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Right click on enemy orb -> choose mute.

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Thanks. But I like emotes 98% of the time.

Then don’t mute them 98% of the time.

Muting everyone everytime is punishing many for the sins of few.

Well, maybe doing what HoTS does and add a temporary auto mute after spamming emotes to closely together. If you are shooting out more than 3 emotes in under 10 seconds, your just trying to be annoying. And a short 20-30 second mute isn’t harsh.

If you can’t think while you’re being emoted to, it makes more sense to mute them at the start of the turn, since you should ideally be trying to make your move asap.

D’oh. Edited the wrong post.

The first 20 seconds need be no less “crunchy” than the last.

Well I have not seen opponents use this tactic in the first 20 seconds. I think they recognize that the back end is a lot crunchier.

We loose the ability to say gg. End of debate.

Sorry, but you ask for the world to change to fit you. It won’t. Your whole argumentation is reliant on everyone being muted when YOU want them muted and not muted when YOU want to hear them. Muting them yourself is not an option because YOU would need to do that, its better to bother others instead. Its important for YOU to live in luxury and not have to raise a finger (muting someone is so inconvinient!) and screw all the others.

Take a step back and look closely at what you wrote. Because yes, you do sound that unreasonable.

Well I’m sorry if I came across that way to you. To clarify, I highly doubt this poor sportsmanship is a problem that only I have encountered.

My intention was to propose a universal feature, so that everyone could enjoy the benefits of emoting as much as possible (by not feeling the need to blanket-mute) whilst simutaneously shielding everyone from certain niche abuses – all of this in a limited, automated manner so as not to be a bother to anyone. I hope that doesn’t sound so unreasonable.

As for GGing, I agree that’s an important emote. In fact it would be good to be able to differentiate ‘well played’ from ‘well played, you win’. If there were a proper GG button which then ended the match whilst also congratulating the opponent, that would be great, and you are right – in this case it should be possible to use at any time (and would be impossible to spam).

Since making the topic I have decided that making this feature optional rather than mandatory would be better, so I’ve edited the title.

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I’m sorry to say, I gotta disagree. Muting someone yourself or learning not to be distracted still is the superior choice. It doesn’t take developer time, it’s way more flexible as an solution and in general, it’s the go-to.

Your problem is just too niche to be resolved on a global threat assessment level.