Please Remove The Pandora Bots

Why are there bots in Pandora???

It’s obvious and plain to see, especially by the way that they create lands.

I would prefer to wait a couple minutes longer for a real opponent than to be faced against bots.

You can top the leaderboard in pandora easily, just queue weekday nights when no one is playing and farm free wins vs the bots.

What is your opinion of the Pandora bots?

Huh I’ve never seen any pandora bots. Could you elaborate more on how you can tell they are bots?

Don’t think I have played one either, but some players on Discord said they place land and creatures almost immediately without thinking.

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Could’ve been me. Sorry. FPS practice…

well, can confirm, in the last 3 pandora games (the ones i still rememeber) i have faced seifer and krog twice, i didn’t get any exp from them and when i finished my pandora run with 9w1l i only got 10 pandora points, 2 chests and 400gold

Edit : nvm, they just added pandora solo today, i guess they automatically switched my ongoing run into a solo run