Please revise the regional prices

With the recent price updates in hearthstone, i started to look around for another card game. While this game is really cool, the Gem prices are incredibly high.
In Russia, the gems cost about 1.25 more than the USD price.
If you consider much lower buying power, that is really pricy.
In HS, the price was raised from ~0.8 to ~1 USD, and that made game less accessible for me enough to consider switching around.
On the other hand, the Steam Pack is priced fairly, and i gladly bought it.
I start to like this game, but please, revise the prices.

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I don’t think the prices need to be revised at all, but then again, I’m also a F2P player, because I’m 100% broke.

I think this is a valid request but this is my personal opinion. I am unsure of how large Abrakam is though and whether they can afford to worry about these things.I don’t know but I feel for you. As someone who doesn’t have much money I have to do a fair bit of grinding myself to get the things that I need. But on a positive note it gives me a goal to work on.