Please stop trying to be Hearthstone! 😕


I started playing Faeria since it went free to play. I think this game is fantastic, it’s definitely NOT like HS. The basic mechanics are all very different and the only similarity is they both use cards. I saw this game from a Hearthstone streamer who was trying it out for the first time, and he didn’t do so well. But I was intrigued by this game, it looked dynamic, active, and most of all was very strategic. How to place land in the right place to prevent the opponent from rushing, where to put my minion to prepare for next few turns and when to wait or go aggressive. Everything about this game is intuitive and fun. I also love how the cards look especially the bordered ones and it makes me want to collect them all!

Regardless of what this game used to be like in the past people need to live in the present and enjoy this game as it is now. This is a awesome game and I’m definitely anticipating more future tournaments, events, and more streamers!


I QUITE prefer the new look.

For one, an action log is so unnecessary. Would much rather have a little graphic action queue.

Secondly, the visual information in the old game is SO spread out. Why would you place your resources so far away from your hand? Activated abilities are rare in the game, so it makes the most sense for your Faeria count to be next to your hand

The new UI utilizes space better and understands the relationship between the relevancy of information and its placement.


The only thing we should do is give our support to this great game, unless you really make an unfortunate movement in this case we should let them know our opinion, but now I think they are doing a good job and do what they need to do to this game flashy, accessible and fun for everyone, I sincerely hope that everything goes well because it is the only game that really liked me from warcraft III


Faeria is far from been a clone of Hearthstone, like Star Crusaders. But it can learn from their success as well from their mistakes, because there are certainly game mechanisms (and actitudes) that should be avoidable.


Can we have day/night cycle back?
Can we get more weather theme like its winter soon :slight_smile:


I understand that the game change don’t suit to everyone, but the HS like accusation is a bit ridiculous. As always bli² (as a good big lobby who want maximum players) did with a HS a cardgame build on the best (not necessary best for elite players, but a mix of gameplay / rng for the show/ design) of all others card games existing. They want also quickers game because most people don’t want more than 15 min on a game. They adapt !
Faeria have to step in this way to survive and prosper. I don’t say they must do the same game, but they have to work on the same points that made HS a world success.
The most important think i guess is what you feel when you play a game. For exemple, when i try Hex for the first time, i was like : “woooooo nice steal from magic!!”. If you feel the same playing Faeria, and you don’t want feel this, then don’t play it ^^.
i am not playing Faeria still the origin, but i like the game and i find him so different from all others in gameplay (i don’t give a shit about leveling, booster cost or else, i just watch the gameplay).
HS / Faeria war is a fake fight IMO, better compare it to Duelist for exemple.
I saw so many online or irl cardgame dying because they were not adapting to most people. Its sad, because you don’t have to change the heart of a game to make it more attractiv, and i think you are targeting mostly minor (not all, there is old change of gameplay that are not minor ^^) change that don’t change the most important in Faeria.


Hi all! I’m newcomer in your game and I like it much more than HS. I played HS a lot of time but now it causes rejection. Please, do not make your game faster and more unpredictable! You did really great job and made very very good game. Just make it smart and complicated like chess. Do not simplify the mechanics… Please…


I agree. The game has become less thinking and more about instant wins with combos or cards that complete break the balance.


Looks like I’m in the minority here but I like the current graphics and layout much better than what is shown above.


Well this is my first post on the board, after playing for about a month. You might want to take into account that I am an old-timer who has played at least 30 CCG/TCG, and quite a few of the online ones too. The biggest problem with the online games is that they are too simple. Someone defended Faeria above by saying a child can learn it in a few minutes. Well, that is not a good thing. We already have plenty of slapdash MTG clones and simple card battles.

What I would like is a more complicated game, designed for adults, that rewards creativity. I am not sure that will happen with Faeria because even in the short time I’ve been here I have seen it become simpler. And certainly reading the descriptions of how it has changed makes this obvious.

Streamlining interface I understand. Though the screenshot above is a lot more handsome than the current design, which seems targetted at 8-year-olds.

There are several inherent problems that Faeria may never overcome. First is the lack of instants or interrupts. You cannot respond to an opponent’s actions or play anything on their turn. Now, this makes the underlying game code a lot easier to write. It makes it easier for players to understand in the first five minutes. But it also removes tons of play possibilities.

Another issue is the RNG. Cards with random effect should not exist. It’s that simple. If I wanted to roll dice I’d be playing craps. Winning or losing based on such luck is not fun at all. There is enough randomness in the card draw, which is what a card game should be about. This also applies to Pandora, which is usually a matter of winning whenever Pandora goes off. It’s too big a swing.

OK, so some people like randomness… well, there are already games for you.

A third problem is in the area of flavour. Faeria gives us yet another generic fantasy game with the usual colours and traits we have come to expect. Red is hordes and burn, Green is big critters and buffs, Blue is control (well, sorta), and Yellow… well, Yellow is the Haste from red with the weenies from white. Being based on deserts it has the most distinction. But any day now I expect an expansion with a Black faction that is all zombies.

Faeria steals less from Magic than other games (which are simply copies) but still relies too much on that template. I am sure it is down to a simple fact: the designers have never played the wide variety of games that were different from MTG… and ended up being better for it. Shadowfist, On the Edge, Lord of the Rings, Legend of the Five Rings, Netrunner, Star Trek (Decipher), Mythos, and even Pokemon (before it went all power card mad) were games with their own distinctive flavour and mechanics.

(Jumping back to 2017, Hex and Infinity Wars are worth a look.)

OK I am now rambling and focusing too much on the negative. But hey, that’s what these threads are about. On the plus side Faeria is balanced, fun (for now), and very generous in terms of cost. Duelyst is the perfect example of where Faeria could go if not careful.


It is a good thing, as long as it goes along with very deep gameplay. Do you think Go is too immature a game because the base rules are simple?

I would defend the flavor being similar to magic because it doesn’t hurt the mechanics of the game, while at the same time making it easier to get into.


Let’s be real here - Hearthstone may be a poorly-balanced, poorly-structured competitive game with mediocre card design and horrendous social systems, but the reason it is popular is because it does some things very right, such as its User Interface, aesthetic touches, and onboarding experience.

I’m glad that the Faeria developers looked to a popular game and figured out some of the smart things to imitate because there are a lot of online games that screw this stuff up. Should there be a bit more of a “Faeria twist” on stuff like the Rank’s graphical presentation? Probably - but what’s there now is a pretty good start.


Hell yess! This thread is really interesting and spicy, I even brought my pop-corn… But when people started saying that this game was “more complicated than…” Then everything just fucked up. I started playing HS, but that lasted few months til I discovered Infinity wars. Only the one who has played that awesome game can tell you what deep strategy is, not for kids for sure. But as someone said, if you don’t adapt to people’s taste, you die, and that was the case of IW. Such an awesome game like that one is dying because “is too complicated”. And the reason why I’m now playing faeria - to be honest - is that I really like it’s simplicity and design. It’s just goegeous and fun, oaf course.


Wow, this is really the old one? I like the board design much better.

Devs, please listen to this post. The only reason I am here was because I wanted a new game that was NOT HS. You can still make changes before too many people jump onboard, so don’t hesitate…


I like it better now.

As far as card games go, Faeria is different enough of his competitors to attract a public, gameplay wise (the most important thing, anyway).


If we could have the best of both worlds, personally I think the card design in the OP’s screenshot looks gorgeous.


I started playing at the behest of a friend and immediately thought wow, this is so much better than HS. You’re right that it has a lot of unnecessary similarities. Pandora, for instance (seriously, had the developers not heard of alt ways to draft in card games? Try a cube). But it differs where it counts. I don’t need expensive legendary cards in my deck to win. I don’t lose because someone top decks a winning card. There’s so few random mechanics outside of red. HS has all these problems. Faeria does not. The use of a board changes everything, and the rarity formulas for their cards are reasonable.

The mechanics are better, and so I’m willing to forgive a little copying in GUI and theme.


This game won’t never be heathstone. It is a unique game.


Last post was from March 2017…