Please stop trying to be Hearthstone! 😕

I get why you want to try to compete with Hearthstone because you want to attract their playerbase, but if you would focus on your own game like Blizzard did with HS, then players will find interesst in the game alone.

Its a real shame you changed the cards and the UI the old one where much much nicer:

The Card layout and the UI was really beautiful and also the gameboard was a bit bigger, you want to be a Strategy game, then please be one and dont go down the casual route.

I hope you will find your own game again and stop copy/pasting hearthstone UI and mechanics. People dont want or need another HS, they can just keep playing HS…


Is this really the old one??? :(((

Why does this look better? It feels to be future and not past, why? Of course not everything look better here but many parts do! My feeling toward cards are not so sure. Maybe a mix of past and current but leaving cards, the end button, the top right and left and bottom left better IMO. More unique (I’m a graphic designer and I feel that way, obviously my taste).

The log, I think we should be able to turn on/off visual /textual mode for it (unique again), depending on preference. Ofc it shouldn’t be like HS. It will not be. HS community, majority of it, will not play this game. It is not a complicated game (Faeria) but if we try to compare it to HS and HS community to other communities in this world we live in, then Faeria is like a NASA project to majority of HS community (NOT ALL). Faeria will have its own intelligent & mature player base some of which playing both HS and Faeria, one for fun and its casual gameplay and the other for fun and strategy implementation.

Faeria moves sadly more and more away from beeing itself to being HS:

  • The Cards
    –> old cards (see screenshot) where much nicer
  • The Ranking System
    –> you start at 25 and work towards legend
    –> stars for wins
    –> it pretty much looks the same too
  • the 100g for a booster
  • the 3 daily quest you can have
  • the deck builder looks the same too
  • the crafting dust system is the same now too
  • abilities/cards get copied (e.g. taunt, divine shield)
  • card backs

  • pandora mode will properbly be just arena
  • they removed day/night cycle in game to be more casual
  • gameboad is smaler to be more casual

I fear for the future of Faeria, like i said if they end up beeing HS i can just keep playing HS instead of Faeria.

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Good point. Personally, i play Faeria because of the differences and not the similarities to Hearthstone(which i loved in beta, and is now nearly unplayable). So going for the HS player-base might not work out, imho. Because of the ‘Invite your Friends’ promotion, two of my friends who still like and play HS, tried Faeria…they went straight back to HS. Not simple enough, not streamlined enough, not as easy and fun, too much strategy, games too long. Sure, that is probably not representative of the whole HS player-base, but as it seems to me, the target audience will turn out to be quite different in the end. And with the engine change to Unity, and the redesign to…fit the market, it did loose a lot of character. But gained some general playability i guess?
I still think it’s the superior game to HS, and because i trust the developers to not make the same mistakes that Blizzard made(weird nerfs, general card design…) i believe in a bright future for Faeria.

I agree on one thing. Being a copy will never make it great and unique. You can become big by copying (China, I don’t say no offence for what I believe) but you can not become great.

HS and many other Blizzard games became great because they were unique. HS too. I don’t like how it is asked to be played due to RNG but for what it is, it is great.

Faeria, I can not judge it now but I think the team should be confident to apply their own ideas. Not afraid of whether ppl get to try the game because it is like or unlike HS.

The art is super. Brilliant. How the world looks like in Faeria and the creatures. Really nice. But maybe OP is right about how more copying is being conducted. I’m not sure how else it could be developed. Maybe this is how a card game should be. Hard to come up with new ideas. Maybe makes it more complicated.

Blizzard is one of the best. They thought a lot about it. I can’t rly think of what to replace arena with? Or if we make rank system to start from 50? Or make it without stars and only labels or something not yet out there, if it doesn’t make the game complicated or unreachable. People are used to the current system but on the other hand a copy rarely makes it. Faeria is not a China. The art says a lot about people behind it.

The Ranking system looks pretty similar, but the matchmaking works totally different and way better in Faeria.
Cards, card pool etc. are not explicitly considered in Hearthstone. Though it is in Faeria.
And the most important part, Faeria uses the ELo system which is waaaay better then that MMR garbage that HS uses.
It may look like a VW Beetle, but there is a Porsche engine under the hood. …

The more bully I see toward Blizz MMR, the pleaser I get :slight_smile:

Sorry man, but I guess we’re out of luck here.
The Faёria you played back then is pretty much gone. As you probably have heard, they got an “investor”, which means - they have to comply. The game now can not be that niche game they were advertising on Kickstarter, now it has to be a “profitable” and “successful” one. Investors don’t like bold experiments, you know. And that, in turn, means it has to be like Heartstone, (just a little bit different) to cater to largest and most profitable customer group - casual gamers.
The previous Faёria was too complicated for that. Day cycle, double resource system, large board, all of this had to go. This time it’s all about “easy to learn, hard to master” and “fast paced fun” stuff.
Unfortunately, all that was on Kickstarter is irrelevant now, literally. It’s not the Faёria you were backing in 2013, but a different game built on the bones of it.


Investors are idiots that never learn that all they do is to destroy unique idears and games with it. And Faeria will be a big failiure, they had a really great game but they kept it hidden way to long i tried nearly 2 years to get access to it… and now i was finally able and i am shocked what they did with it…

Yes i wanted to do that too because i hate the netdeckers and the damn rng in HS, but well turns out this game is the same sadly, there is no strategy involed at all, most people just play rush and have a land in 2 turns next to your god and all they do then is spam haste units… totaly nobrain. Or they just play green buffwars untill they one hit you.

Making things different for the sake of making things different is one of the worst decisions a creator can make. Why would Faeria have different numbers for gold-for-packs, or a different ranking system, or a different layout for information on cards, if all of those things have been proven to be the best possible iteration of those things? Why waste time and money trying to come up with new versions of those things when instead it could be spent perfecting the things that are inherently different – like the cards themselves, the art, the balance, the draft mode that hasn’t been released yet?

Because the games are wildly different! Besides the obvious (the board and the land game) the resource system is wholly unrelated, and sufficiently unique as to completely remove HS’s core deckbuilding concern (mana curve), freeing players to be creative in a far less constrained manner. Similarly, Faeria uses the MTG-style deckbuilding with colors that can be combined freely (while eliminating the need for colored lands in the decks) while HS uses locked classes. The ability to save up faeria and choose to draw cards means that card advantage and value, a primary and perpetual concern in HS matches, is hardly thought about in Faeria, while mana/faeria advantage is much more prominent. To get micro, there are Structures and no Weapons, opposite to Hearthstone, and there are Legendary spells and structures. The art style is painterly and storybook-like compared to HS’s cartoony style. As others have pointed out, matchmaking is done very differently. So on and so forth.

I just never understand the complaints that things pretty wholly unrelated to why a person would choose to play a game are just to similar to some other very different game in the same genre. I saw the same thing crop up over and over and over again throughout Duelyst’s alpha and beta, where at least there was some merit as actual game mechanics (mana, draw, hero powers) did in fact bare similarities to HS’s, and I really hate to see them crop up here as well where they are even less applicable or significant.

And I have a hard time ever buying the argument that things (like the day/night cycle) have been changed to appeal to “casuals” (that don’t actually exist as separate from the so-called “core”) or that because a team has financial backing means they automatically compromise on their vision. If a change gets made, it’s because the ones making the change believe, based on testing and experience and etcetera, that it will be the best for what they want the game to be.

Which is beside the fact that a simple mechanic/layout/whatever that achieves the same effect as a complicated one is always the superior choice. The reason the day/night cycle is gone, the reason gold is gone, the reason the log is gone, the cards look different, the reason the UI is cleaner, etc etc, are all because of this truth.

I was not around in the very very early days myself, but I’ve spoken to many friends who were as well as the devs, I’ve watched videos of those games, and I’ve played the game as it is now for a few months, and from my perspective the game is much better now. They’re much quicker, there’s less clutter on the board, and the mechanics are much cleaner and more carefully tuned, all of which leads to a game where the actual strategy both can be accessed much more easily and is much deeper.

Faeria’s a great game, on its own terms. Of course it’s different from how it used to be, and of course it has a few similarities to other games in its genre. But the devs are professionals and very open about discussing the whys to their changes, and considering how much fun the game already is despite still being unfinished, I think we should all be able to trust that the decisions that were and will be made are ones that continually make the game better.


Hoi! Make some space for Sir White Knight people. Somebody take the horse.
Sorry mate, but you are kinda late for the party. We would gladly support you back in the days. It’s just, most of us kinda… left…
Don’t worry, it is only temporary for you too.

If a change gets made, it’s because the ones making the change believe that if he won’t listen to the demands of the “feeding hand”, the “feeding boot” will appear and kick his ass. Or at least it’s how it works here, in real world.

Beat my tinkerbells, I would be really surprised if you would prefer the game you never played, to the one you can play right now…
The problem is, perspective is very subjective thing. In the past I was playing every day. Now I barely made myself play 20-30 games.

Well, let’s say this: I can agree, that some day this game may become a decent one. It is possible.
But the thing is, you know…
Back in the 2013 I was promised a cool roadbike with lots of unique and interesting features, which were clearly setting it apart from the other ones.
“Wow. This is definitely is not something you can find on every corner. It has this, and that! Should be fun.” - I thought. They really bought me with those features alone.
And now, after 2 years they say “Hooray! We are ready! Here you go.” And then they handle me a yellow Wheelie bicycle. But yes, it still has the saddle and the klaxon, so it should be it, right?

that’s pretty much why im disapointed in the game i followed it from their kickstarter and then a bit longer and i was amazed by the game and the unique features and then let them made their thing, and as i saw it on steam i instantly bought into if thinking it will be the nice playable game i saw some years back… but i got betrayed and got a lame version of Hearthstone <.<

Alright, so first of all there’s really no need to get snarky and personal. You disagree with me, that’s fine – argue about that, don’t insult me.

And cool! You don’t like the game now, and you liked it before. That sucks, and I’m sorry, and you’re totally entitled to that opinion. My point was that first, some people clearly think the game is great currently; second, the game is obviously different from other options out there (seriously, all I hear here is that it’s similar to Hearthstone; I already gave specific examples of how that comparison is superficial at best and disingenuous at worst; I would very much like to hear what other games I can go to to get the exact same experience as Faeria, or a more coherent argument why the reasons I gave aren’t enough); and third, that assuming devs absolutely must compromise their vision just because they received some investment is to be willfully obtuse.

Like I said, it stinks that you and others preferred the older version. But other people, including the people who made both versions, can disagree with you without being corrupt or stupid.

Ok, time for me to step in. First of all, indeed please don’t get personal, it never helps in a discussion.

Secondly, as someone who has played this game a lot in the old beta and who has been playing a lot in this version I disagree wholeheartedly with these statements. Now, don’t get me wrong, the game did get changed, and yes, there are some similarities with Hearthstone, but why is that a bad thing? What they did was take some of the good features HS had (although a lot of those features HS actually took from other games) and added their own to make Faeria unique.

The problem old Faeria had was that it was a VERY complicated game that was hard to learn for newcomers. Basically, if you did something in a turn, you would only know if that play was actually good in 10 turns. Next to that, games could go on for a really long time and played actually the same. Remember the “our units stand-off until someone plays a combat trick” or “I’m just going to wait until I have the OTK curse combo in my hand” or “I’m going to destroy every creature on the field using my structures and just make sure my Obelisks kills you in 20 turns”? They found out the meta would get very stale very quickly after each balance patch and it wasn’t the problem with the balancing, it was a problem with the inherent systems, so they had to change those.
So what did they do? They added strikeback, made the board smaller so people would be facing each other quicker and they exchanged the action point system for the action wheel because they found out people would do the same actions anyways, so this would remove a lot of clicks and make it more understandable (streamlining it). Gold also got removed and everything costs faeria now so that people don’t get ye olde problem of “I have all these cards in hand, but I can’t play them because they all cost faeria and I didn’t get any harvester”. Day/Night cycle got removed because they weren’t happy with how it worked in this version of the game, but seeing as they still love the idea, they might bring it back in a different form later on in an expansion that does work for this game.

So, what do we have now? A game that is easy to understand for new players (even a 10 year old can play this game after just 5 minutes of explanation) but is also hard to master (even the current best players make constant mistakes). Games are also shorter (biggest complaint of a game like Scrolls was that games took over 30 minutes on average and in this day and age people’s game-time is limited) but also get exciting quicker. All systems are more streamlined, and yes, it does appeal to a larger audience, which it kinda had to if they want to sell enough copies to stay afloat. Finally, the game actually has more actual depth than the old version. The old version wasn’t actually that deep, it just looked like it. This version is very deep and only after playing a bunch will you it.

Now, about the UI aesthetics, that is something that’s very subjective. I like the new look, but I also got a very soft spot for the old look. Still, I’m very impressed with what they did and every new change to the UI makes it look better and better (because don’t forget, this isn’t the final version yet)

So there ya have it. I’m sad that you don’t like this version, but if it’s more something you think about on first sight without having played a bunch of games, I’d say play more games, because I know some oldies who were very disappointed at first, but after playing it they changed their minds. And if not, well, please just understand why they made all these changes and that there is a big upside to this.


Well, that was a sarcasm, quite a sharp one, but still. I apologize if it offended you, but pal… If you get offended so easily, your life is gonna be hard one…

Now, I didn’t call anyone stupid here, and I understand why they have made those changes to the core mechanics. And yes, it is definitely one of the solutions for those problems we had. It is just… From these people, I really did expect some more elegant approach. Beat me, I can’t really say what it could be, but with what we have right now, I can’t help but feel like they just gave up.
Can I blame them for this move? Probably not. They did it to save the game, it has pretty much died back then.
Can I blame them for delivering me not the game I was promised? Probably yes. I mean, should they advertise the game at Kickstarter as it is right now, would same bunch of people back it? Some would, some won’t. I’m from the “won’t” side.

And as I said, this game may become a decent one in the future, and I will check it out after a couple of expansion sets. But I do believe I have a full right to be not very happy about it’s current state.

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I agree. Glad to see the original board wasn’t “rush like a hearthstone noob”.

HS has serious issues right now, like Zoolock, Tempo Mage, etc–all crap that turned me off. If I wanted to play White Weenie rush decks, I’d still be playing Magic in game stores.

Shortening the board means I get rushed more often than not, and frankly I find it as boring as the HS rushing (or Magic, or Hex, etc). Not saying it shouldn’t be viable in some way, but making it so you can bounce 1 move and collect 2 energy, and plant 2 sets of plains down and be in the opponents face–that’s two turns (so 9 mana) and if they have a big mob and you aren’t playing or don’t have the card to counter because of a bad mulligan, then what game am I playing? Rushing takes the strategy right out of things.

Know what’s funny? I watched a video by Kripp that YOU paid for, and forked over my 63$ to play your game. Sounds fun, is fun against the AI, but sitting there and playing against players endlessly rushing or doing passive generate mana for draw 9 and all 0 cost…give me a break with the boringness of that.

In english there’s only one “o” in the word “no”. Also, in german there are 2 “t” in the word “Gott”, so it would be “mein Gott” instead.

But hey, you got your insults right, atleast something to build on in your life!

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Oh wow, that screen shot is beautiful. I love the snow theme and the cards’ graphic design. What really intrigues me is it looks like there were keyboard shortcuts for the land development actions. Does anyone know if they are still in place?

lol, thanks. I like to improve when ever I can.

One thing from a newcomer… The artwork was amazing back then.