Pls don't kill the specificity of Faeria

Hi all and hi Abrackham !

Just a little post after a lot of ladder on the new expansion.

Actually i’m really sad that the most played and powerfull card (cristal flower, whales, frogtosser) totally ignore the board and the land strategic position.

Pls try to keep the thing that everybody here love in this game : strategic position.
Pls Limit to maximum cards like spider, frogtosser, swallow who ignore the board.

It’s not fun for me and create big swings in game. The first who can swallow the other often win the game.

Just a little complain.
Just a little dream.


For me i feel the exact opposite, i really enjoy decks that mostly ignore trading and instead use removal and Aoe, and i love how in faeria, because you keep your faeria for future turns, you often have to decide whether or not to play nothing in order to have a more explosive turn in the future. But while i don’t personally like to play decks that play creatures and use those creatures to control the wells doesn’t mean that i think they shouldn’t exist. Plus there are many viable decks that fit the description of what you say you like, such as Red combat, Midrange green, and green red Crackthorn. If Abrakam did as you suggest, then players like me would stop playing the game

Did you like Faeria before Oversky? I think he’s just asking for it to be more like it was before Oversky.

Also, comments asking for more board placement strategy are quite common on these forums, even before Oversky. Unfortunately (for us), Oversky added very little - only 3 or 4 cards care about board positioning (other than just being creatures and mobility), and many completely ignore it and make it less important (case in point, Swallow).


Oh ? I’m suprise some people don’t like land strategic position that is very unique feature of Faeria but oki i noticed that :slight_smile:

Anyways actually i don’t see any green midd or crackthorne on the ladder. Was strong before but since oversky i see a lot more of swallow or frogtosser who are really too strong and kill decks you was talking about.

@Xaxazak. Yes it’s exactly that.
I don’t have a lot of fun on Faeria actually.
Maybe i should take a break with the game …

There was a period before the oversky where i would play red blue bargain deck, and a blue green ruunin deck with lots of faeria ramp, but then windfall, failed experiment, and stormspawn were nerfed so both those decks became even less viable then they already were so i stopped playing until the oversky

I actually have an idea:

We have 2 modes in Pandora now, Singleplayer and Multiplayer. I think we need 2 modes in Battle as well.

The first would be Wildlands, in which All cards are allowed. The second would be Standard, in which all Wild cards would be Banned.

Don’t get me wrong, the Standard mode would still allow some Oversky cards, like Ulani or Emerald Salamander. As long as the card does not require any Wild lands to summon, you’d be able to include them in your decks. The Standard mode, would therefore, be a “refuge” for those who wish to try out decks which were highly rated before the expansion, or simply people longing for a return of “colour identity”. And of course, there should be an easy way to switch between these modes, like there is in Pandora.

Opinions welcome

It’s a possibility but actually i prefer the solution of giving swallow an adjacent condition.

The risk with doing another mode is to split our small community and double the time to find a game.

I think swallow can become a strategic capacity but not with the fact it ignore the board.

But frogtosser (still OP) and spider (not op) will remain unfun card cause will still ignore the board by function.
Don’t know if it’s a good idea to delete them from the game but i definitivly don’t like that capacity.

Please don’t create more creature like that.

But actually the fact is that i can’t have fun in oversky and want to stop the game.
I get swallow and tossed too much time …

Ps: sry for my bad english.

I think the risk is worth it. Besides, the community wouldn’t be split permanently, if you give people the option to switch between modes at any time.

Most people have several decks they use regularly, so anyone could have some Wild and some Standard decks, depending on what they feel like playing that day. Of course there will be those who play only one or the other, but they will be in a minority. Do you know anyone who only plays Ranked, or only Casual?

Don’t event cards like Flame Burst and Frogify also “ignore the board”? Frog Tosser is only OP because it’s a “play one, get one free” creature. Even though I agree - two creatures with “fight” are enough, because of how powerful the ability is

I don’t know about the split if 2 modes exist.

But you can’t compare with ranke / unranked cause the players of ranked and unranked are still together in game.

But why not i don’t say it’s a bad idea.

Frogify and flame burst are event, not crea so OFC they don’t need strategic placement.
Spider and FT aren’t. It’s less a problem for spider cause, as you said, only frogtossee is horribly imba.
Most of the time if i have frogtosser before my opponent i win the game, and if he have he win the game.
Happen to me majority of my games today.

Same for swallow. The first who swallow the other is in a very good position.

That’s transform the game into a : fast land and gogogo to imba crea before the other.

The start hand and luck become much more important and strategy down.

Really sad.

I’ve just been introduced to the game but I already noticed that crystal flowers (and their swallow mechanic) are kinda … “strange”. I won’t say that they’re too strong yet but from my understand of card games I do understand how “unique” it is for a card like that to swallow a creature ANYWHERE on the board. I kinda like the mechanic overall (mainly because those cards are no hard-removals, creatures which have been swallowed and re-appear, you can free them earlier by destroying the flowers AND the fact that swallowed creatures are somewhere else on the board after freed) but not giving a specific range for this effect from where you put the flowers maybe needs some rework?!

I have thought about my reply yesterday,and now I think the split may even be a good thing!

Right now, because everybody uses the Flower, the games are very similar - place down enough lands, find the perfect time to swallow your opponent’s most annoying creature, and rush madly to the orb before the flower “opens”. So, in both Ranked and Casual, there’s a disproportionately high number of decks that are either “land ramp” or “rush”. “Sacrifice” and “bargain” types are almost gone.

I’m a bit worried that this lack of diversity, which everybody in this thread is complaining about, might make the game less interesting/harder to learn for new players. A new mode, without those cards, will bring the strategic diversity back, potentially increasing the playerbase