Plushy Yak?

Heya community, just wondering if anyone else has received their yak plush from the adventure pouch.

I’ve emailed Abrakam support twice asking about it and no response. Hence why I’m posting here!


The yak plush gonna arrive around for 3-4 weeks after the release of next expansion. You can read the information on this post Faeria Friday: Quest for fluff .

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It’s now late September and still no Plushie. What gives?

This was posted about a week ago in Announcement

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Still no Plushy Yak up to date. Have they posted any updates? I can’t seem to find any after september.

If you haven’t received it by now, best to email support or contact @Atmaz directly.

Indeed, these should be shipped out. If you are having an issue with yours, please contact

Hey Atmaz, I’ve sent an email to support and I haven’t heard back since. I ordered the yak and it seems it is nowhere to be found and no news of it exists. Mail was sent just shy of 2 weeks ago. Hopefully I get contacted because the plush was supposed to be a gift to someone important to me…