Poor pack yields?

I bought 80 packs and pulled crap overall.

Got two new legs which is nice but I ran into a bit of an issue.

Of the three total the first legendary I pulled was one I already had. No biggie. I just rerolled it… into another one I already had. Keep in mind that at this point in time I only had TWO legendary cards. Again though. Oh well.

However when I went to disenchant my duplicate legendary there was only 1/1. I didn’t receive any dust in it’s place either.

Makes me pretty mad tbh.

Lastly I just wanted to point out how terrible the disenchanting values really are. I had about 35ish packs worth of pure duplicate cards that only DE’d for about 290 dust. I barely had any cards at all because of my naturally bad luck but 175ish cards out of the 400 being 4+ in the collection when I only owned about 10% of the total seems… really really bad.

I don’t know though. Hopefully this isn’t the norm and I just had a really bad experience.

… Is this the norm though?

EDIT: The DE values are actually really good if you pull mythic cards.

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@Inferno1215 I’m sorry to hear about the Legendaries. That is just some bad luck :sweat:.

Are you saying that the duplicate legendary that you pulled did not show up in your collection? If so that is probably a bug. Did you make sure that it wasn’t a mythic card? Those don’t show up by default.

Again sorry to hear about your bad luck and hope that your fortune turns over soon!

Sorry about your bad luck. I rerolled only to get a duplicate Legendary when I only had 3 too.

Yeah, those numbers you mentioned sounds bad. Hope it turns around soon.

I got 18 epics and 3 legendary from the last 75 chests (some mythic chests), some of those epics are mythics too. Slightly below average I think. Some players (the lucky ones) are averaging 1 Legendary every 15 chests or so.

@Decabytes It wasn’t a mythic. Just a standard legendary.

Speaking of mythic legendaries though. Any clue why Epic mythics and Legendary mythics DE for the same amount of 400?

I DE’d a mythic dragon (The green one) and was surprised to see mythic epics both yielding 400 crystals.

@Inferno1215 I’m assuming the Epic that you disenchanted was one of the ones that was nerfed recently. They are Doomsday, Lord of Terror, Windfall, Stormspawn, and Failed Experiment. They can be disenchanted for their full cost. Normally they would disenchant for 100 if they were mythic and epic.

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@Decabytes Oh that’s pretty cool. Hefty bonus for nerfed cards.

I think chest pulls are weighted towards duplicates of what cards you already have. At least thats my observation, over 100+ chests. If you dont disenchant and let cards stack up, you’ll probably observe the same thing after a while.

when I pay $$$ I just go straight to the mythic chests

then I just dust the mythics.

10, 25, 100, 400 dust values. I’ve only scored 400 dust from one card once.

so if I needed a specific card or set of cards… I bought mythic chests and dusted everything.