Porblems whit the monthly cup watching rewards

Hi, 2 days ago, i watched the #7 monthly cup for about 6 hours and i didn’t even get the free guranteed pack.
I looked in all my e-mail, and i did properly the sharing steam account with twich.
I wanted to know, if it’s only me or not, and if someone can help me :sweat:

ps: not sure about the category of this post.

EDIT: the support team answered me, they gave me a free pack code, and they said there was a problem in the egg donation mechanism, and they are working to fix it, so everything is ok. Just disappointed that i didn’t got anything from the last stream.

I had the same problem. I made sure to link my steam account prior to the stream but when I emailed Abrakam support they said my account wasn’t linked. They did send me a code for a free pack but I don’t know what else to do to link my account. In connections it does show a green check mark next to Steam.

Mine was like this too, with the green tick, but I found out through Abrakam’s support that it wasn’t actually connected. Even though I had used it for other games in the past, somehow the connection had broken without showing as such on Twitch. Abrakam still kindly gave me a free Chest. =)

Here’s a handy tool I found: http://www.twitchlinkchecker.com/

I disconnected my accounts and reconnected them. Now the link seems to be operational again.

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Thanks for that link Amaznazaz - shows my accounts ARE connected but like others I didn’t receive anything despite watching a few hours…

My question is - the linking is supposed to set up some sort of egg timer. Where can you see this because I couldn’t find anything.


If you haven’t received the rewards you should have, you can send an email via our support system: http://support.faeria.com/customer/portal/emails/new

Make sure to mention the following:

  • Twitch username
  • Email address linked to your Faeria account
  • Provide a screenshot to prove that your Twitch account is linked to Steam