This is the feedback and suggestions section, so I’m going to give some feedback.

Even though I suck at this game, I keep playing because I just love the look of Faeria. The art in this game is absolutely beautiful. I want to tell the art person/people to keep up the good work.

One thing I would love to see added into the game is voice lines or sounds for creatures. That may be copying Hearthstone a little bit, but to be honest, I don’t care how similar this game is to Hearthstone. I think HS is a great game to copy.
I know the game is still in development, but I think that is the best time for suggestions and improvement.

I want this thread to be a happy thread. What is something that you really like about this game?


I love the art as well. Also the action wheel is very pleasing. I love the green bubble over it that you press to end the turn, it feels very cool to click it.

I would like to suggest changing the symbol for +1 faeria or the island on the action wheel, they are very similar and sometimes I click the wrong one on accident.

Hearthstone being great game to copy. copy. copy. Whole point of game was to be unique;however voice lines wouldn’t be copying, it would just be a good idea ;).
I guarantee you that there will be voice over additions to the game as it goes down its development cycle of finding its identity in the internet card game world. So no worries there.

If anything, I think this game has more in common with Chromancer but the simpler isometric grid makes Faeria far easier to play and brings game times down to something reasonable. I really like it for that.