Possible bug? Oakling

Hi there!
I’ve noticed that whenever you get an; “Oakling” from -Runnin’s Presence- when it dies it doesn’t give any other creatures the +5/+5 buff. Is it a bug or that’s how it’s supposed to be?
(if that’s been posted already feel free to delete the topic thanks.) gl/hf

It might have to do with that oakling only buffs green creatures, if you only had neutral creatures (or no creatures) in your hand it won’t buff anything.

I’m pretty sure i’m aware of what the card does,but it happened to me twice on mono green deck with no neutral dualcolored tossers or anything else. So i don’t know ;> I could be wrong? and/or my eyes deceived me? It’s possible but it happened twice, and in one of the situations I had 3 creatures in my hand (Not that it matters but you know)

Then it might very well be a bug. I’ll try to “replicate” the situation and see if I get the same results.