Possible Bug? Season Rewards

EDIT: This seems to have been a mistake on my part; see the below posts.

When I logged in after the Ranked Reset yesterday, I received a bunch of “season rewards” messages. Among them I am almost sure I saw a “2 Battle Chests” reward and a “3 Battle Chests” reward - possibly one for Ranked and one for Pandora? (Sorry, I’m not 100% familiar with how the rewards work. I was Rank 3 and I think I had about 70 Pandora Points.)

I am very sure that only 2 Battle Chests were added to my inventory. Based on the messages that I think I saw, I should have had five. Is this correct?

I have no way to attempt to replicate this bug, but if I can provide Logs or anything else to be of help in the matter, please let me know! The 3 Battle Chests are no big deal to me, but if this is genuinely a bug I’d hope it will be fixed since it’s a “feels bad” kind of thing.

Hi Wavelength,

I’ve asked the Devs to check the server and they state that you were awarded 2 Chests and 3 Arena Tickets, not 3 more Chests.

We’ll have a look at the award process to make sure that it’s not confusing for players.

If you have any further issues then let us know.

Thanks so much for looking into this, Gareth! :grinning:

I indeed have 3 Pandora/Arena Coins, so it looks like this was most likely my mistake in mentally parsing the rewards. I’ll keep an eye out next month to make sure I don’t get any visual bugs, but most likely it was just my mental error.

Much appreciated!