Possible Bug

Hello there,

I had a very particular Pandora game today, which made me realize a potential bug or unfair balance between two particular cards, namely “Blood Singer” and “Spirit of Rebirth”.

I was completely dominating the board and my opponents only creature was a “Blood Singer”. Among several others, I had a “Spirit of Rebirth” on board. He played the treasure “Iona’s Mirror” to copy a “Flameburst Ruby” I had played two turns before. He then used both “Flameburst Ruby” to deal 6 damage to everything, clearing the whole board except for one of my creatures. This made me realize that “Spirit of Rebirth’s” ability does not trigger for friendly creatures dying simultaneously with it, while “Blood Singer’s” ability does trigger for enemy creatures dying simultaneously with it. While I do find it “logical” that, given the stack of events, these cards should not be able to trigger their abilities because they “already died”, I think it should be equal for both cards. I find this to be an unfair imbalance. This might actually have cost me the game, because I can say that in this way my opponent did 3 extra “unfair” face damage to me in a critical momemt of the game, while the creatures in my hand didn’t get a single buff.

I can imagine that your are now thinking that I might be mistaken for the following: The possibility that with the first “Flameburst Ruby” only killed my “Spirit of Rebirth” and no other of my creatures, thus resulting in the difference explained before. But I was careful enough to observe that my “Spirit of Rebirth” was not my only creature dying with the first “Flameburst Ruby”, therefore offering proof of what I have observed.

I do have to note that I am very fond of G/Y SACRIFICE decks, in which I tend to use “Spirit of Rebirth” essentially as a mana collector that also buffs creatures in my hand. On the other hand, I have a particular contempt for R BURN decks, since I think they deliver a high win rate without any strategic effort invested, thus “breaking” the game. It is a deck that enables its user to win in a relatively small number of turns, comparable even to Y RUSH, while only staying defensive, hence not having to take any risks. While I do understand that R BURN naturally destroys G/Y SACRIFICE, and I am OK with that because every deck should hace strengths and weaknesses, I still think that the situation mentioned before between “Spirit of Rebirth” and “Blood Singer” is unfair.

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I agree. Creatures that give an effect when other creatures die should all work in the same way :smile: