Possible exploit summoning Death Walker?

Hi there, posting for the first time, so apologies if my writing is rough around the edges.

Death walker is a 3F 2Y 6/4 DT card with text that requires the player to sac another minion to play this one.

I found out by accident that the card text is inaccurate – in a PVP match, when placing the DW and waiting for the turn to time out before resolving the sacrifice, you don’t lose any minions and still have your Death walker on board. (Similarly to how if you don’t target a land tile to gain from an elementals gift ability before the turn is resolved, it’s simply not put anywhere and wasted).

The text verbatim is “Deathtouch . You must sacrifice another creature to summon this creature.”, so I think the wording is very clear, and the in game behavior is not consistent with it.

All credit for discovery goes to my internet provider for dropping my connections multiple times during a match :blush: :

Having a great time with this game so far, so just wanted to thank the players, streamers and staff for the experience! Let’s have a great 2018! Cheers!

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Just tested this, this doesn’t work. First of all you can’t play Death Walker without another friendly creature on board. And if you wait till the timer runs out, it will automatically sacrifice a random friendly creature.

(Thanks to Windir for helping me test this out :smile: )