Post Game "GG System"

I am seeing systems like this pop up more and more in competitive games, and it seems to be for the purpose of encouraging positive behavior in the community. For any of you who have played the online version of Gwent, you might already have an idea of what I am talking about.

As it is now, as soon as a match is over, you are kicked to a score screen and never see your opponent again. What Gwent, and some other games offer, is an opportunity to congratulate your opponent (win or lose). Even in Hearthstone, there is enough time for you to send a last-minute emote to your opponent after taking lethal damage.

I feel this sort of thing is missing from Faeria. I would like more ways to give props to my opponent . In addition to a “GG”, would also love to tell them “Cool Deck” or “Great Plays” or “That Was Fun” I feel I could connect with people a little more.



This would be better than what I try, to pause, or play my kill sequence in a specific order, to give the other player a chance to click the emote. For example in Pandora vs life 6, play 5 Damage Hammer before hitting face with a 1 creature. … But like in chess, I know some people would get annoyed.

… Flip side, I often see a surprise kill just out of time to send a “Well Played” … oh well!

What am I supposed to say once my opponent landed the final blow? “Greetings?” “That was a Mistake”? Or “You will not Survive”? :stuck_out_tongue:

I really feel like the only good way to do communication in this game is to do actual communication. Meaning, let players use their keyboard to talk during the game. That way I can actually enjoy the state of a game with an opponent, and give them a sincere congratulations as a game ends rather than something that’s going to be mistaken for a sarcastic taunt.

theres a system in duelyst where you can tip your opponent if they were good. like 15 gold or something. sometimes its a pity tip, for if you cheese them lol

i wouldnt mind the system if it was easily implemented

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