Post you Crafting/Card Collection Progress

I like to track about my card collection but can’t find a place to talk about it. So here’s another thread where we can talk about ourselves. :smile:

  1. What card(s) are you planning to craft? How many memoria are you away from doing that?

  2. How many cards in total are you missing?

  3. What legendary do you have now?

  4. How many mythic cards do you have? Will you keep them?

  5. What are your favourite cards? Which one do you use the most?

  6. What cards do you wish to get from chests but not going to craft (more for common and rare)?

Just answer the ones you like, or feel free talk about your own things. :slight_smile:

  1. Khalim and/or Aurora. They are supposed to be the best legendaries. If I disenchant my mythics, I probably need another 100 for 1 legendary. Used some up to craft common and rare cards before I read expert’s advice.

  2. I counted and I am missing about 20 from each colour. So about 100 in total.

  3. Magnus (neutral) and Tethra (Green). They are both good. Magnus is a bit hard to put on the board but once he is there, getting high faeria card for free is great. :grinning: Haven’t used Tethra much yet. He is even better I think.

  4. About 6 or 7. I disenchanted 2-3 before. They look nice but won’t keep them once I have enough memoria to craft legendary. Some mythics are the only one I have for that card (including normal) so I will keep those for now.

  5. Been playing yellow rush a lot, Wind Soldier is fast becoming a favourite. Battle toads and all the jumping frogs are fun too. I used Hold the Line! a lot from backup defence but it’s now looking a bit expensive. Still good for blue and red decks for now.

  6. Frogify, Triton Trainer, more Battle Toads, Daring Adventurer, Earthcraft, Windgate, Axe Grinder, etc. Lots.

  1. Time of Legends, Tarum or Magda. Currently I have about 100 memoria.
  2. A lot. Not gonna count them tho. That would be depressing :smiley: At least I have long term goals
  3. Seifer and Day of the Dragons (got it yesterday :smiley: )
  4. No mythic cards. I disentchent them always. Having good cards is more important to me than visual stuff. At least for now :slight_smile:
  5. Hellfire, so satisfying to clear the board of small critters :smiley: :smiley:
  6. I always hope for legendaries :smiley: Radiance would be awesome
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I got my third legendary today! :smiley: My other legends are Magnus (combat gives 0 faeria card, neutral) and Tethra (green dragon).

Didn’t reroll, it may not be the best but dragon is cool. May be I will make another yellow deck to fit it in.

Had 6 Mythic Chests so far. High chance of getting cosmetic from those, averaging one per chest. 3 Avatar, 1 Orb, 2 Well so far.

Im considering Dusting this but honestly its so pretty

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Wow, so lucky! :heart_eyes:

I would disenchant definitely. You can keep some other mythic card. Legendary mythic is prettier than other mythic though. :smiley: You can get 1 Legendary and 1 Epic for it.