Prairie tile needs more detail [visual/art]

16 hours into the game I notice that the tiles have less details than the stuff on edge of screen. When the tiles are full of prairie, it is really ugly and bland. Which is ironic because prairie usually means beautiful scenery. I think it could use some more details on it, e.g. tiny grass. And maybe some better hues of green.

Philosophically, I can understand if tiles might be designed to give spotlight to the cards on top of it. But I think in execution, it kinda fail imo. Try make the whole tiles full of prairies and look at the whole screen, it’s so ugly. The outer details (edge of screen) is superbly aesthetic and the cards are no match with the lack of aesthetic on the tiles. Like, beauty outside, ugly on the center. I’d say just make the tiles as good looking as the outer details (edge of screen). I think it would be much better.