Preordered adventure pouch, received nothing

Greeting, Abrakam,
I preordered Adventure pouch a few days within announcement, today I log into a game and see that I didn’t receive the content. I mean, what is this all about? Are you expecting me to pay for something that I already paid in advance?
Pelase solve this!
Not only that I did not receive the content which should be rightfuly mine but I sent you multiple mails about avatar that I did not receive (I chose Fafnir at that time) - I DID NOT GET A REPLY FROM YOU!
I never received an egg from watching monthly cup 3 times even though in my huy says I am eligible for it, I sent you a mail 3 times for this problem - I DID NOT RECEIVE A REPLY!
What the hell?!?
You must ask yourself one simple question now: do we want to be a company with false advertising and blatant stealing!

One more thing! when you announced adventure pouch there was no mention of being a separate thing from the oversky expansion! Now we see that we who preordered may have bought just the cosmetic thing…
I am really dissapointed…

All pack were clear about it, you knew you were buying cosmetic, and the 2 player mod, and all island, and the card (but they will come slowly, they didnt engae to give it to you instantly).
For communication, i suggest you go on discord, you can talk directly to many Abrakam member, dev/admin/comunity manager etc, they come often to talk with us freely, i never saw that in any other game.
For the egg, i suggest you to verify if your twitch account is bind to your Faeria account and steam account. if not, you will not receive anything.

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ok, man, do you think I would send an email fi I wasnt sure it was bound to my twitch account_?!
you can play vs that big boss today already?! Am I right?! I can’t! I read they will release content in increments and today was the first one which I didn’t get!
now, I don’t knbow why you replied to me or what you were trying to acomplish with it because I don0t see any community points or something similiar. Maybe you should go bend your spine somewhere else? No?

I just tried to show you different option, and there is a way to communicate with Abrakam (discord)… But well, gl man !

Just a few questions to clear things up.

Do you mean Kaios? If you go [Play]->[Aventure]->[World Bosses] is there no Kaios?

  • Have you done all the other world bosses? (I have no idea if this matters).
  • When you preordered the pouch, which purchase option did you pick? Pioneer? Supporter?
  • How long did you watch the stream for (in a single session, after twitchifying your account)?
  • Have you received anything at all from your adventure pouch? Do you have an adventure pouch on the main post-login screen (beside Sharra)? If not, perhaps something went wrong with the purchase or their system didn’t register it properly for some reason.

I agree the Oversky / Adventure Pouch thing wasn’t clear. I though the same, but if you compared Pioneer to Supporter it did specify that Supporter included the Oversky stuff, wheras Pioneer didn’t. They did rename the Oversky content to Islands, though.