Problem After Updating The Game

Hello, everyone.

After updating the game to the latest patch, I can’t seem to move on from the loading screen to the login screen. I could hear the login BGM play, but the screen still displayed the loading bar. I had to reboot my computer because the screen was stuck to the game even when I tried to force-quit it.

I’ve tried reinstalling the game, but it didn’t work.

Does anyone have the same problem?

I use OSX El Capitan ver. 10.11.6

Same problem but I’m stuck on the loggin screen, can’t click anything.

LXLE Linux 16.04.02.

I have the same problem. Xubuntu 16.04

For those experiencing issues on Linux, there appears to be an issue when playing Full Screen.

One user found this solution you can try until we’re able to fix it:

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Ok, tested, full screen mode is the problem, the fix is only temporary 'cause if you restart the game into full screen the problem will be there again.

Sounds like a resolution issue. Happens to me on many a cracked game when PC is hooked up to the TV.

[quote=“Seinra, post:2, topic:6898”]
I’m stuck on the loggin screen, can’t click anything
[/quote]Same here. Editing the prefs file (see post above) worked, and selecting fullscreen from options works until logout - where you have to edit the prefs file again.

Change the 1 to a 0.

same problem here. on antergos (arch linux).

Hello again

Just to say, after today’s update, the game is working again!

Thanks to the dev team and all who helped! :heart_eyes:

Now I can finally craft the Yellow Tempo deck I’ve been wanting to play…

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May I know where I can find the prefs file to edit of the Faeria game client? I may have faced the same problem these days…

It’s in your unity3d preferences. I’m not sure where that is in windows or OSX, but on linux (at least for me (and Atmaz above)) it’s here: