Problem with opponent disconnecting

Hello everyone,
I’ve just started a game in Pandora-mode and after a few turns my opponent started to disconnect.
The red timer around the opponents turn button (where you normally select the lands you play) is not decreasing and the timer that reads: “[Opponents name] has lost connection time for him to reconnect: 220 sec”
has decreased to zero and then just vanished.

Will waiting resolve said problem or do I have to take the lose?

Thanks for your help,

I had the same problem, I didn’t wait but restarted the game and then the game counted as a lose. As soon as you see your opponent disconnect i would suggest reconnecting yourself aswell, it helped in other games. Make sure to reconnect before your opponent was disconnected for 120 seconds.

I hope I could help you

Same problem has happened to me… It’s been fifteen minutes since the disconnect timer counted down and im still waiting to take my turn. I feel bad, but if my opponent disconnected, I don’t want to lose a game I felt I was winning… What do I do? Leave my computer on faeria for hours?

edit: 1 hour later… my computer is certainly connected… the software appears to be functioning well… I can still emote and pull up menu… I can surrender etc… but opponents timer is at 0:00 time and apparently he disconnected. Shouldnt I have won by now?