Prodution Effects order

I wanna play a deck with devouring plant and crystal flower. the plan is to place them next to each other so the swallowed minion gets damaged by the devouring plant after the crystal flower dies. sometimes it works that way, sometimes the devouring plant triggers first. can anyone tell me the rules that decide which production effect triggers first?

I was thinking about the same synergy and would really like to know this aswell.

i tested it a little, the order in which the structures are played or lands are placed does not seem to matter.
i might have done something wrong tho as i found it very hard to test because bots keep destroying your structures.

I bet it happens in Faeria harvest order. Left to right, top to bottom. You probably want your plant to the right and below the crystal.

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@TWAdorno800 thanks a lot mate!
i just tested it and i definately worked as you said.
left to right being more impportant than top to bottom.

thanks again

I tested it aswell, at first it seemed to work, but now i think the “production effect order” is just random.