Prophet of the tides bug

i was just playing a pandora run and played a prophet of the tides, but instead of moving the land (visually) it put it back in its original space. later my opponent placed a frog (without aquatic) on a ocean tile. which i then thought to be my forrest since i even later couldn’t place another land there. i have a screenshot of the scenario if it is needed.

Could you please post the screenshot here? Sounds strange!

About the prophet of tides - it moves a land twice. Did you perhaps move it once and then back by misstake?

I saw the very same thing in luuu90’s video about him playing his gy sac deck vs. a bg move deck. His opponent moved a land with a creature on it (Not sure whether it was prophet, shifting tides or sunken tower). The creature and land were moved, but - visually - the land stayed where it was.

This caused massive confusion, becaue tthee was an “ocean” tile you could move, but not place land on, and a “land” tile, you couldn’t move on but create land. Except that initially you wouldnt even try to build a land (since there appears to be one already), but only wonder why you couldn’t step on it.

It seems there are lots of issues with the visual display of land changing cards like the above or meteor.

I’ve seen this bug too. Here’s what it looks like:

This was caused by the Sunken Tower, so it probably happens with any land movement cards.

i took the pic a little late, but you can see the 2/2 frog standing on an ocean tile next to my opponent.

I will make sure the devs take a look at this :slight_smile: Thanks guys!