[PSA] The rebalanced cards can be disenchanted for their max value

This has come up multiple times so I thought it warranted a post. The recently rebalanced cards can be disenchanted for their full memoria value. This is typical for most online card games. If a card gets changed people get refunded for it’s full value. The full memoria refund doesn’t last forever however but I’m unsure when the period is over. Obviously Abrakam reserves the right to do what ever they want, but that’s how they generally do it as well. Would it be possible for @DrGECKO and @DanF update this on their announcement posts please?

The rebalanced cards are Lord of Terror, Failed Experiment, Stormspawn, Windfall, and Doomsday. You can read more about the changes here

If you don’t use any of those cards and don’t plan to in the future, it might be better to disenchant them and craft more useful cards to you. If you find yourself wanting to play those cards and haven’t spent the memoria, then you can just recraft it and all is well. Mythic versions are especially juicy to disenchant right now. Hope this helps someone.

WELP looks like it’s no longer giving a full refund. I’ve been debating making this posts for a few days now. It figures it would change the day I decide to make it.

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May be the mods read your post :stuck_out_tongue:

I searched the patch notes in the past. The time limit seemed to be 1 week.

Hoping for more changes so we can get full refund for more cards. :smile:

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Haha :smiley:

It makes nerfs at least more bearable :smiley: