Purchase Diamond Shards (if that's what they are called)


I would like the option to purchase diamond shards opposed to boosters. tbh boosters suck.

I would much rather the option to by some diamonds and get the cards I want.

I haven’t really been sold on the large price of buying all the cards (especially when you need to buy the game too) so diamonds are a good alternative for me.

Thank you for your time :rubyfish:

I know its a bit less direct, but if you just buy a bunch of packs, you can disenchant the cards you get to obtain “dust”.

I doubt you will ever get a feature to buy dust directly, as that option would break the economy they are trying to set up, or be so overcosted that you wouldn’t use it. At present, the expected value of a pack is about 24 dust. The value of a pack varies between 75 cents and 66 cents. Using the lowest cost of a pack of cards, and the expected value in dust of a pack of cards, 100 dust would need to cost about 2.78 cents. That means that if you spent 50 dollars on dust, the same price as obtaining the full collection, you would only get 1800 dust. Are you sure you actually want to spend money on dust?


I see what you are saying. How did You get the adverage dust per pack?

That’s easy :
Open 100+ packs (the more, the better).
See what you get.
Count the memoria (“dust”) you would gain from disenchanting all.
Divide by number of packs.
Here you are.

By the way, if you dislike opening packs, you’ll take a lot of time to build your collection (crafting rates are not very generous), have you considered buying the full collection ? That’s currently the most cost-effective way to get cards.

The pack rarity distribution is known along with the disenchant value of each rarity.

  1. Every pack contains 5 cards
  2. Every pack must contain at least 1 card of rare or higher rarity.
  3. Rarity distribution is 66:25:8:1.
  4. Disenchant value is; Common-1, Rare-5, Epic-20, Legend-80.

From all of this information, and some basic statistics knowledge, it’s easy to compute the expected value of a pack at 23.9193292312 dust.

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foxclear is right 50 may seem steep but you get the max amount of playable cards. 1 of each legendary 3 of each common, rare, and epic i believe. thats a pretty great deal. im debating it now because i dont know if my friends will be wanting to play more or not. i got one interested but if its just me and him then its not at the top of my list of purchases im looking at.