Purchasing of all cards :)

Hello, guys. Sorry for my bad English.
I already completed all solo compaign and got some cards as reward for it. If i will disenchante these cards and I will buy all collection for 49$, will i get these cards again?
And waht is better? Open 20 packs before purchasing or save this packs?
Thanks for your help!

If you disenchant the cards now, then buy the full collection, you will get them again!
And if I remember correctly (not sure!), if you open the boosters before you buy the full collection, you will get 100 gold back for each pack you already opened.

Oh, its a good news! I can get some dust from this cards =b
Yes, I know about gold from boosters, but I dont know, may be in future I can get some things from this pack?

Nobody knows! But if you want the packs you can just buy them again with the gold you get :slight_smile:

Beware: While you can disenchant your cards before the purchase, this will lower your gold refund for the full purchase.
The refund is calculated like this:

  • Your opened/purchased/won packs * 100
  • 5 gold/disenchanted common card
  • 20 gold/disenchanted rare
  • 90 gold/disenchanted epic
  • 350 gold/disenchanted legendary.

So, whether to disenchant everything or not, should be decided by the question, whether your refund can net you negative gold or not. (Which it probably can not, but I didn’t try, because I want to gather the cards by myself, so no guarantee here)
IF the refund stops @ 0 gold, then you could disenchant everything before you purchase everything and get more memorial. Otherwise, it’d probably better to purchase the collection first, then spend your full refund on packs and disenchant what you got. Or you save the whole gold amount, to purchase lots of new packs, when we get an expansion, which is probably the most profitable behaviour. :stuck_out_tongue:

However, what I don’t like about this is that you get punished for disenchanting the cards you have more of than needed, in case you purchase the full collection later on in order to buy expansion packs and stuff.