Puzzle 28, Im stuck

Hello everyone, I’m getting stuck on that puzzle, anyone else? I think I have tried every combination possible, using every single card but the maximum I can do is 2 dmg on 4, I can’t get 2 angle of attack on the enemy god. Anyone manage to solve it? Care to give me a tips?

Hello :slight_smile:
Could you post here a picture of that puzzle please ? So we could all see which one you are speaking about ?

Yes sorry here it is.

If you need 2 angle of attacks, you need 2 lands near his orb, don’t you ? Or, if you can’t have 2 lands near him, your first attacker must leave the place for the second one :wink:

Nvm, it took me a while but I managed to figure out to rushing wind 1 khalim backward XD

check luuu90 youtube channel he make video solving all the puzzles