Puzzle #30 is impossible to complete

The creature just can kill the god, if it take the two enemy faerias. Impossible task.

It is possible and actually pretty easy.

I won’t spoil, just a hint, how about attacking?

Hint: you can use the spells to move a creature even after they’ve attacked.

That’s not even necessary to solve this puzzle, you can move it around, then attack.
Hint : By moving a land, you move the creature on top of it as well

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Hmmm does the 5/2 have flying? If it doesn’t I am in the “this is impossible” camp.

It does. This is perfectly possible, plenty (me included) have made it ^^

Yes I did it too :sunglasses:

I was also stuck on this one but it is possible

I just can take the faeria of the left corner, attack, but I cant move my card to the faeria of the right corner.

Start by using the towers to move the land that the flying guy is on.

I know your idea.
Move the land two times, move the creature two times to take the opponent faeria and hit 1 of damage. So I enchant the fly creature, attack the opponent 1 house near of the right well faeria, but I don’t take it, because the movement ends.

After I attack, i have no more movements!

[quote=“L0B0, post:12, topic:1348, full:true”]
After I attack, i have no more movements![/quote]
There are 3 things you have to do in a specific order:

One is moving the guy to collect and attack
Another is using a tower
The last one is placing the Horseman

Now, go and try again.

btw: it helps when you think through everything instead of just trying it out, as you won’t learn much that way. This is even more the case with other puzzles.

For the challenge : there are a few ways of doing it using both structures, but only 2 using 1 structure. Can you spot them all ? :wink:

There aren’t impossible puzzles. I have solved all of them.

There are puzzles harder of this… for example, the last two puzzles.