Puzzle #35 is broken, please fix it

While hopping onto another whimsical adventure in the land of faeria I have come across a giant and unmovable bug that has broken one of your puzzles because of your latest card update. No longer am I able to beat Jalmyr’s puzzle #35 because of the change to unbound evolution (Now named failed experiment). I was left baffled for an hour trying to understand how to solve this puzzle, but after watching a guide I quickly learned that it in its current state is impossible; which is breaking the game for me.

I would appreciate swift feedback and support while you get boots in the mud to squash this bug.
~Thank you.

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Am I wrong? Is it really just me not being able to solve the puzzle?
I don’t see any conceivable way to beat the puzzle. Is it that no one is paying attention to this post?

You’ve got to be kidding me.

Nope, unfortunately you’re correct. I’ve advised the Devs of the issue and they looking at it as I write this. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi) I found this post, when looking for the solution of this puzzle (#35 new). And you know what? Then I tried one more time, and I found it. Seriously) It is! And it’s the one of the funniest. I think because it is last.
Try not to spend “Three Wishes” at once, use by one. Actualy use just one of them. And do not use the additional desert land.
Try it, and you will be a surprised with what you are looking for.

This thread needs to be deleted, 977 doesn’t know the entire puzzle was changed. It really was unsolvable in its previous state; however it was later patched and switched out with a new puzzle.

This issue was resolved. Locking the thread.