Puzzle 35 still impossible

currently puzzle 35 got revamped because it was impossible with the changes that were made to cards, once again it has become impossible no matter what combination i throw these two dumb cards out i can only get the enemy to 3 hp i stayed up all night looking for a solution

Hey, I took a while to figure it out but it’s definitely not impossible.

First, move the Hunted Outlaw one step to the left to collect Faeria, then attack the Slaughtering Shadow to force the enemy to draw a card. This card is Ostregoth. It will be discounted to 10 faeria. You then want to play the 0 mana wind soldier on a desert tile near your orb to collect one more faeria, taking you to 9. Then, use the +1 faeria on the power wheel to reach 10. Since Ostregoth has haste, you can play him on the center desert tile and hit face for 13!

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