Puzzle #49 How do you even deal damage?

I dont understand how it is even possible to deal damage to Jamyr in this puzzle, any suggestions?

I am given

  • 6 Red tiles
  • 3 Green tiles
  • 2 Meteor Cards
  • 1 Feed The Forest Card.

When I feed the forest, the card I draw instantly gets destroyed and deals damage to me.

Both of your Everbloom Wisps at the Orb will gain Attack when you create a Forest, which you can do by killing your Tarums. You’ll just have to figure out the right order to kill them with the cards in hand to maximize the amount of Forests created. If you need a bit more help let me know, or join the Discord channel where we have a Puzzle Spoilers channel. Lots of helpful people to give you more hints there

I’ve been thinking the Everbloom were hers this whole time…


Fancy getting me a link to the discord?

https://discord.gg/faeria This should work. Its linked from the subreddit page

Cheers mate.

i dont speak english, sry :o enjoy <3

edit: dont need to moove tarum at 4

Thank you!