Puzzle 51 bugged

I was trying to run through the puzzles today, and I came across a bug in puzzle 51 that makes it nearly impossible to beat (I suppose if you get lucky enough you can…)

For some reason, when I attack the Maceman with my Master Swordsman, its health goes to 1 instead of -1, making it impossible to actually just have the Steamforge Enforcer remaining on the board. This means, of course, that the chalice has 2 options for giving +1/+1 instead of just one.

A similar thing happens on Jalmyr #11. The Maceman attacks the guard for 4 but its health goes back up to 1.

Yeah, looks like it’s a bug with maceman in general. I had the same thing happen in a solo quest too, it looks like its attack is being read as 2 instead of 4.