Puzzle bug? appear bugsplat when stalemate

I’m japanese, sorry my english is bad.
I watched friend playing puzzle and i got this error massage from stalemate. This error massage is happen if i play puzzle (solo).
I’m playing faeria with japanese language, Is it problem? If i use english language, It will solve?

The game has some bugs, I guess I get a bug similar to that (an exception) about every 40 hours or so. Usually (at least in multiplayer) you can just log back in and rejoin the current game.

Does it happen more regularly for you?

It could have something to do with spectator. You said you watched your friend play, I take that to mean you were spectating them, sorry if I’m wrong. Any ways, there are a fair amount of bugs involving spectator mode, I would contact Abrakam Support with your problem, you’ll probably get better results with them than with the forums.

This is a bug that has affected multiple people. Is it puzzle 48?

i got this error massage from puzzle so far.
i don’t get this error massage from casual match/ranked match/pandora.
thanks your post!

Yes! its mean spctating.
wow! really thank you for contact to Abrakam.
i wanna hope i/all get better!

uhhm sorry i dont know. i forgot number of number.
if this error happen again, i will remember number of puzzle!
thanks your post!

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