Qualifier Questions

On the esports page, in the qualifier section it says “Inscriptions close Mar 18 at 06:00 pm”. What does that mean, and is that in my local time? When I click Register, the page says it starts March 18th at 12PM EDT (My local time), so whatever that inscription thing is, isn’t the start time…or at least not in my local time.

Follow up question, can anyone register for these qualifiers? It says there are only 128 slots available, so I was expecting them to fill up immediately, but I registered for it just now and there are only 59 participants. That seems odd to me, surely the player base is large enough where 128 slots would be highly sought after and quickly filled? You could potentially win 7500 gold, a pandora coin and slot in the monthly cup. So what’s the deal with that?

Afaik Faeria operates in GMT+1.

Anyone can enter, so it surprises me too that the qualifiers don’t seem to fill, but maybe it will change with the influx of new players for 1.0.

One factor could be the timing, as the tournaments start when the player count is at about 2/3. To hit the peak player count, it should start about 5 hours later at 10 PM CET.

Personally, I wish the 2 qualifiers were held at different times of day to catch people who are working or asleep for the other qualifier, but I’m not sure if that would increase numbers over just moving them both to peak player time.