Quest log pop-up


Whenever i start Faeria and log enter the main menu screen it takes a few seconds before the quest log pups up, and sometimes it does not. Today the delay was rather long and when I clicked to check my quests it rerolled my quest due to the placement of reroll and “quest” menu. Fortunately it was not the Ultimate quest this time, but it has happened before that the screen pops up when I am entering for example play mode after logging in.

I know it is nice to see todays quest but could you perhaps remove the reroll option when you log in?


Happened to me yesterday as well, though the synchronisation was so good that I didn’t even see which one I rerolled (just clicked at the exact time as the popup appeared). Would indeed be nice to have a preview at login of which quests we have, without the reroll option, or no preview at all (or at least reposition the reroll button).