Question about cool stuf

Hi there!
I started to play Faeria recently (1 week ago), bought early access bundle and realy enjoing. This game is great!
In every CCG i play, i have a huuuuge interest in collecting part. I realy want to have everything is available in the game (all cosmetic stuf, all cards and etc). Same with Faeria.
And my question is: where can i find a list of orbs, avatars and card backs that existing at that moment in the game? Also it will be great to know a path to obtain every one of them. Thank you for any help)

I good start would be oficial github and dropbox repository, check this links:

Thank you!
I have checked both repos - was very interesting. But seems they are not up to date. I didn’t find there dragon orb and some existing avatars. And there are not any of cardbacks.
So i will reformulate my question: if my goal is to achive all ingame available stuff - what have i missed forever if i did’nt bought kickstarter pack and if i started to play a week ago.
For example i don’t understand how to achive now:

  • Egg avatar
  • Dragon orb
  • Turtle avatar (forgot her name)
  • Any cardback
    Can i have any help with this information?

The egg avatar was available if you won a certain amount of highlander games during a limited time event. There was also a random chance to get it if you watched the two previous monthly tournament streams.

The dragon orb has only been available as a random reward on those same tournaments. The orb and the egg might be available as random rewards on the next monthly tournament stream.

The turtle avatar was a kickstarter reward, I believe. It’s not possible to get it anymore.

The card backs are given out as rewards at the end of the month for reaching a certain rank in ranked mode. You get one card back at rank 15 and two at god rank. It’s not currently possible to get card backs from previous seasons.

Thank you for information! Not good news for collector like me…
About streams - i saw an instruction, and tried to find such stream but failed. Can you point me - when next stream will start? I understood right - that if i will watch this stream 4 hours (actualy i need to be in watcher list - right?) dragon orb can just appears in my inventory? Same with egg avatar?)
About cardbacks - do you know how many seasonas i missed at this moment (i know only about 1)? Cardbacks all was different?
And last question: there is an option in shop to buy a full collection of cards. There is also a payback of all gold that was spent on cards and packs. But if i will disenchant all my current cards, get some dust and buy full collection - will i get back all this gold anyway and will this dust stay with me? If yes it looks some cheaty)

You need to link your Steam and Twitch accounts, then watch this stream when the tournament is running: If you linked your accounts and are in the watcher list, you’ll have a random chance of being given the egg and orb at certain time intervals. If you win it, you’ll get it as a voucher code in your e-mail.

The next tournament will be sometime next month. The date will be announced in a news post before then.

You missed two seasons of card backs, which is four in total. They were all different.

If you disenchant any cards before buying the full collection, your gold refund is reduced for each duplicate disenchanted. If you want the most gold, don’t disenchant cards before you buy the full collection.


I got it. Thank you very much!

Does any streams now trigger an egg timer?