Question about ranked rewards

Hey everyone.

The ranked rewards we receive at the end of each season is based on the highest rank reached in the season, or the rank i am in the end of it. In case i reach 15, but in the end i’m 14 or less.


Hi Dan!

Here you can see the requirements for rewards:

Currently the only annoucned rewards are for Rank20 (or better), Rank 15 (or better) and God Rank.
In Faeria you cant demote from a league, which means after you get rank 20, you can never go back to rank 21. Same thing with rank 15, if you get there you cant be demoted to rank 16 again (Except for season resets).

So you can go ahead and just play as much as you want, you dont have to worry about losing out on the reward, since if you manage to meet the requirements for a better reward, you cant lose it. :slight_smile:
Hope it helps!


Hey J0k3se,

Aw, thats cool, good to know. Thanks for the response.