Question about recruitment

I want to start this recruiting thing but I don’t know how to start. I’ve read many people saying “hey, add me to be your blablabla” and I just don’t get. Why on the recruitment page somebody’s email is required but when I read threads everyone’s adding people only by their nicknames?

Originally, in order to recruit somebody you had to send them a special invite email through the recruiting page. That ended up not working out so well, and Abrakam changed the system to what it is now. So now all a recruit has to do is add their recruiter to their friends list, click the name, and right-click the gear button to bring up the option.

Best places to look for recruits are on discord, or by adding your IGN to this reddit thread:

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No email is necessary. Simply complete the Prologue and enter your recruiter in the prompt, or click your friend in the friends list and then the gear icon to add as recruiter.

  • You may only have one recruiter.
  • Must be level 5 or lower.
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Thanks a lot!! That was useful! :grinning: