Question about recruitment

Hello everyone, still relatively new to Faeria and noticed in a Reddit thread that I should find a recruiter before I hit level 15. However when I link my ID it says the recruited player has to be level 5 or lower to be eligible. Has the eligibility level for recruitment changed? I am at 12 now and wondering if I should find a recruiter or just keep playing.

Should work, the recruiter has to be level 15 or above. I helped someone with recruitment today and she was level 14 so it should work for you…

Not sure, may be try another recruiter?

Here are the details:


It used to be level 5, now it’s level 15, and you can actually still do it after 15 (for several levels).

Just add someone at the top of your friends tab, you’ll only have that space if you can still recruit someone (or so i’ve been told, never seen it myself). If you don’t have a recruiter, I recommend xploring.