Question about rerolling [urgent, but petty]

This might not be a situation that comes up very often, but does anyone know whether rerolling a golden card after opening a chest will result in a golden card? I just opened a golden Doomgate (which seems pretty sick, but not actually a good card) and would like to know whether rerolling it will give me a random golden mythic or whether I should just take it, dust it, and craft a mythic of my choice.

The rarity (common, rare, epic and legendary) wont change with rerolling and as far as I know you will still have a random mythic card after rerolling. I’m pretty sure of that.

You reroll a golden card and it gives you a new golden card. I think.

This is exactly what happens @Cynic!

Rerolling a card gives you a different card but rest assured it will always have the same rarity and if it’s golden, it will still be golden.