Question about the New expansion Cards

Are the Devs gonna add the new Cards to the same Chest or a different chest?
Because I’m one of the people who pre-ordered the supporter pack meaning all the new cards. I don’t have most of the legendary and the Epic in the current cards pool. if The new cards will be included in the same chest, well that’s will be a problem because the odds of getting the core cards will decrease. and the chance of getting the new cards you have already purchased will increase, Thoughts?


The new cards will not be in chests (currents or new ones). You will be able to win them through solo/duo missions.

The people who didn’t get the expansion, the only way to get those 30 cards is only through crafting, right? At least that’s what I understood.

I don’t think you’ll be able to craft them; that would make it too easy for people to just get the few cards they really want, which means a lot of sales would be lost on the content. Probably the only way to acquire them will be to purchase the expansion through game gold or gems and get them one by one in the designated order (perhaps with the best at the end). They will probably sell it in pieces, so I imagine it will take a lot of gold.

I would like confirmation on this though.

From what I understood, the 30 new cards are only available through buying the expansion and doing the boss battles.

There are, however, another 6 cards - Voice of Truth, Triton Trainer, Herald of War, Long Horned Yak, Mistral Guide and Time of Legends. These are already in game, to craft or find in chests. If you buy the expansion and already have any of these 6 cards. you will get the gold compensation for each one.

And we will see lots of p2w rant again when the expansion is released, lol.
Even though crafting gonna cost a lot anyway. Yes in-game gold would be a solution like 4 millions for one boss or to shake Fugoro’s hand.

Dude I know all that. my question is simple: The player who didn’t pre-order the expansion how can they get those 30 cards: crafting, praying, feed the poor, How?

Using gold or gems to buy the co-op campaigns/missions, if I understand correctly.

Buy the new solo content with gold and beat it. That’s the best guess as to how you can get those cards without paying. They’ve already said you can buy that content with gold.

Guys where did you read this? I didn’t find it anywhere!

It’s in the announcements. Not explicitly but they said the content would not be exclusive to those who ordered the expansion. That’s the general understanding anyway.

Probably you right or Sacrifice a virgin to the new Foe, maybe? :smiling_imp:

If I understand the announcements correctly, the new content will be purchasable in the store after release - the Adventure Pouch with gold or gems, the Oversky expansion with gems only.

The 30 cards are rewards for participating in the Co-op Campaign, which is part of the supporter pouch and above. It will probably be “free”, because you’ve already paid for the pouch.

The “world bosses” content will be available to anyone - even to those who haven’t purchased the pouches. It releases Before the expansion, and has it’s own rewards (orb of champions). See latest announcement for details. It will probably be monetized in the same way as the solo missions.

The Expansion will be purchasable for Gold or Gems once released and the new cards will be given as a reward for completing each section of the Co-op Campaign, similar to what the Solo missions currently do (or at least used to do with the Codex sets). Assumption at this point is once you’ve unlocked them you’ll be able to craft Mythic versions but you won’t be able to craft and disenchant those cards, similar to not being able to disenchant past 2 copies of the starter cards.

The Adventure Pouch is something completely different and is pre-order exclusive from what we know so far. When the expansion is released, the Pouch will have some level up system which can unlock Cosmetics as you hit different tiers. I believe this is tied into the Boss Battles since both are pre-order exclusive, meaning as you complete more and more of the Boss Battle challenges, your Pouch will level up and you’ll receive better and better rewards from completing the next Boss Battle challenges. But there haven’t been any details given on what these rewards will be if its Gold, Gems, or just Cosmetic stuff.

So I think part of the confusion is in what the adventure pouch is. It’s something that you can buy and will be able to buy even after Oversky is released. Buying it now just gives you preorder exclusives.


Pioneer pouch

  • $8.99 instead of 9.99 during the preorder period
  • Instant access to the 6 new cards that were released March 15th
  • The Exclusive Adventurer’s Card Back
  • Entry into Alienware Laptop contest

Supporter’s pouch

  • $24.99 instead of $29.99 during preorder period
  • Instant access to the 6 new cards that were released March 15th
  • The Exclusive Adventurer’s Card Back
  • Two entries into the prize draw to win a brand new Alienware 17 gaming laptop

Collector’s Pouch
This appears to be the only one that you won’t be able to buy in the summer. It’s limited to the 1000 plushie yaks they have. You pretty much just get it if you want the Yak. If not the Supporter’s Pouch is your best option.

#After Oversky is released
After Oversky is released these are the things you will get if you buy the pouch for your money. If you pre-ordered the pouch you get the preorder benefits and all the content that comes with the release.

Pioneer pouch

  • Cost $9.99
  • Limited Co-op Boss Battle with daily challenges and epic rewards
  • Collectible Adventure Pouch with leveling that will increase the amount of rewards that you can get

Supporter’s pouch

  • Cost $29.99
  • Limited Co-op Boss Battle with daily challenges and epic rewards
  • Collectible Adventure Pouch with leveling that will increase the amount of rewards that you can get
  • Co-op campaign consisting of a minimum of 6 Quest Packs
  • The exclusive Fugoro The Adventurer’s cosmetic set:
  • Fugoro The Adventurer’s avatar
  • Fugoro The Adventurer’s orb
  • Fugoro The Adventurer’s card back
  • Fugoro The Adventurer’s wells
  • Fugoro The Adventurer’s emotes set


Pioneer’s Pouch

Supporter’s Pouch

Co-op campaign is not pre-order exclusive but the Co-op Boss battles take place through the adventure pouch which you need to own


Wait a minute! How can the Fuguoro cosmetic set be “exclusive”, if it is in the cash shop right now? Overpriced, but available. Strange…

It is not the same set, even tho they’re​ both featuring Fugoro

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well, now I regret getting pioneer…

Why do you regret getting the Pioneer pouch?

So I bought the 30 cards but I don’t GET the 30 cards? That was misleading!!!