Question about upcoming tournament

I finally have 3 decks im happy enough with to try one of these qualifier tournaments, so i regiestered my decks and I see it starts at 6pm cet (10 am here) But im looking around and I cant find where I’m supposed to find my opponents at when it starts. If anyone could kindly tell me where I’m supposed to find my opponent I’d greatly appreciate it.

Tomorrow is the Monthly Cup so its only for those who already qualified. The next qualifier will be in 2 weeks I believe so you’ll have to wait until then for your next chance.
Once the next qualifier is here, you just need to make sure you register and then check in an hour before it starts to make sure you’re in the bracket. Then after the bracket is generated you will be able to see who you’ll be playing in each round.

You can only qualify for the monthly cup by being:

  • one of top 10 players on the ladder in the previous season, or
  • one of 16 qualifiers through the double elimination tournament held in the last 2 weekends every month, or
  • one of 2 community voted favourites, or
  • 1 of the 4 who reached the semi-finals in the previous monthly cup.