Question about "What does my rank become?"

At the end of a season the rank changes based on the actual rank or the highest rank reached during the season?
I’m rank 9 now and if I’ll lose a game I’ll go back to 10: what will appen in this case?

from rank 10 the reset will send you to rank 15. It’s a mechanism to remove the inactive players. Anyway you have a lot of time to level up to rank 9 and even to 5. Just play, relax and have fun mate. If you need advice about a good deck to rank up to God without expensive creatures we have a lot of experienced players to help you. I use a blue jump deck with the new Swallow cards, and Aurora is useful but optional :wink:

I believe it’s current rank but not highest rank. Not sure now that you mention it though.

What some people do is: try to get to rank 9 with one or two stars and then play exclusively in Casual mode until the ladder reset. If this sounds like too much of a bore-fest, don’t bother. The only difference in the rewards is a Rare Mythic card (which you can disenchant, but it’s only one, so wouldn’t be a big deal)

The difference between people playing in different “skill brackets” is actually so great that levelling back up from rank 15 to 10 takes only about a week. Leaving you 3 whole weeks until the next reset to level up even further!

The ladder rewards are always based on the rank reached Before the reset, if that’s what you are asking. In other words, they give you the prizes first and downrank you afterwards :slight_smile:

I know that if I’m 10 I will send down to 15 and that the reward is given before the reset.
I haven’t problem of cards: I have all :slight_smile:

I try to explain my question:
Now I’m rank 9. If I play and lose I will go down to 10. If I cannot go again to 9 until the end of the season, what will be my rank after the reset: 10 (because my hightest was 9) or 15 (because my actual is 10)?

I believe that it is based off of current rank and not highest rank. So you would go from 10-15 after the reset as opposed to going to 10 if you were rank 9.