Questions about the P2P DLC plan

Im sure we all have questions and I didn’t find such a post, but i’m new to the forum, so sorry if there is one for this matter.
What I don’t understand is if the new plan means that there will never be any new cards in the chests, and if that means chests will be completely obsolete in the future? I stopped playing a while ago because it bummed me out that after spending a few bucks on the game I can open as many card packs as I want, 90% of the time it will only be cards I already have 3 / 3 of. Now I came back because I have time and because the game is so great but man I’d really love it to make sense for me to open the 12 chests i got left…

I believe from the sound of it that new cards would only be unlocked by buying the dlc, similar to the Oversky expansion. They did say some dlc will be pve content so not all of them will introduce new cards though.
None of the details are confirmed yet but my guess would be a new player buying into the game would get the core collection unlocked as part of the initial price and then you get the new cards by buying the dlc whenever they contain new cards.

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well… isn’t that pretty unfair to all those who bought gold or the steam pack for example and got random cards out of chests with many doubles… ? because the game wont be more than 12 bucks will it

i would say to just open your chests. i think chest will be phased out for a core set purchase with optional dlc’s. im thinking that people who are current players will be able to buy what they don’t have for some sort of discounted price

if all the dlc’s will have new cards- who knows

It’s hard to please everyone at once, but there is a big issue with expanding the core set. While it would make your battle chest more viable, it would make them less viable for new players, since more cards means longer time to get three copies of the must have ones.

I think you just have to deal with the fact that a coupon collector receives diminishing rewards ('s_problem). At least, buying chest provides memoria, and that should be the main reason to buy chests after some time (and when the collection is complete, no more reason to buy chests I guess).

Life is unfair :MonkaS: