Questions and Answers thread

You probably have some questions you’d like us to answer!

While we do our best to answer most concerns in our weekly blog posts, there’s no way we can cover what everyone is thinking about all the time. There are a LOT of things happening this Summer in Faeria and we want to give you the opportunity to ask the team about ANYTHING you want. You could call it an “AMA” in Reddit terms.

We will be collecting all of your questions for one week, and will answer them LIVE on stream at - NEXT Wednesday - July 11th. We will fit as much as we can in about an hour, and also maaaybe have a few new cards to show you.

So that’s it. Ask whatever you want. It can be about the upcoming Fall of Everlife expansion, general design questions, or what we like on our toast.

Oh by the way, if you’re going to ask about DLC prices - we’ll be answering that in the blog post this Friday!


If you’d like, you can also post your question in this Reddit thread:

I already own all the cards in the core collection. Will I still get Mythic cards from battle chests?